Why Warhammer Online Works

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In the past I’ve given some pretty harsh criticism to other MMO games. They deserved it. Today I’m going to do something I’ve never done before – recommend a MMO.Warhammer Online (WAR) is the kind of game that your wife or girlfriend will make fun of you for playing. It’s a D&D style dorkfest that is as much a guilty pleasure as it is addictive to play. WAR puts you in the tried and true medieval era world that MMO fans have come to love and feel comfortable in. Elves and knights are here, and so are witches and dwarves. Orcs are present and there still aren’t enough people playing as healers. As for the story and enviroment, there is very little here that you haven’t seen before. The difference is that it is all done as well or a little better than before, and it just works.Unlike other recent MMO titles (Tabula Rasa, I’m talking...

The Disappointment that is Red Alert 3

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After spending some time with the Beta of Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, I can say that it’s the worst in a long line of flops in the venerable C&C series.Let’s get this out of the way up front – I don’t care that this is a Beta. I’m judging it, period. I don’t feel that anything will be significantly improved or altered for release.Path finding is terrible, the unit abilities are a joke and you hardly have time to use them in battle because everything is over before you even realize it. The inability to zoom out to any level further than you could in the 90’s is a sad development choice by Electronic Arts. You can’t queue up buildings, meaning each has to be built and placed one at a time. Units often get stuck on each other or buildings, and the unit AI chooses targets extremely poorly. Your troops won’t fire on nearby...

Star Trek Online Back On Track

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Cryptic Studios formally announced today that Star Trek Online is back on track for release. I formally piddled my pants.

Age of Conan Sucks

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After years or hype and fan boy drooling over screen shots, Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is nearing launch. I have played in the Tech Test and several of the BETAs and I’m here to tell you it’s not worth playing.The game is slow, boring and unimaginative. The graphics are decent at higher levels, but when turned up that high the game slows to an unplayable crawl. Though my system far exceeds the requirements of the game, I can only play at the “Low” settings, which means textures that look like Quake 2 and boring effects. For a game that consumes 24GB of hard disk space you’d really expect more on the visual side. Even when set at “Low” I frequently have to stop moving to let things “catch up”.Even worse, I can never play for more than an hour before the game crashes. This is such a common issue that they even address it in a...

Tabula Rasa – Still Not Ready

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(This is simply an extension of my Tabula Rasa review posted at IGN.com.)Tabula Rasa has been out for a whole month now, and a few days more that a month for those of us who pre-ordered. I have put around 170 hours into the game in the past five weeks (sadly, that’s about five hours per day on average), and I am now level 41 in the game. What this should tell you is that I know what I’m talking about, unlike most of the “professional” game reviewers who have given Tabula Rasa such high marks without even playing the game through to level 30.Anyone who has achieved level 30 or higher in Tabula Rasa can tell you that this game needs serious work, and should not have been released when it was. There are missions that can’t be completed, UI quarks, stability and lag issues, bugs galore and most importantly a serious lack of high level content.I discussed quite...

BETA Testers Piss Me Off

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For the uninitiated, a BETA tester refers to a gamers who tests a game in its BETA stages, meaning before the game is officially released. Game developers release their titles early for expanded testing to work out bugs and help balance the games.BETA testers are an even split of whining children and hard core gamers. Some BETAs, like pretty much all first person shooters have a larger amount of the former. Strategy games tend to have a greater number of the latter. Still, in every BETA there are the idiots who say the one thing no BETA tester should ever utter:”This is just a BETA, why are you complaining?”I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read some variation of that line in forums. Gamers have it all wrong these days. When a developer releases a game for testing, they are doing so because they need the game tested by as many people as possible. By this time...