My Favorite People on Twitter

By on Mar 30, 2015 in Blog Posts, Internet | 0 comments

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For some reason I have a really difficult time finding interesting people to follow on Twitter. There is a lot of useless noise out there, but every once in a while a magnetic persona shines through. Here are a few people that keep me coming back to Twitter like Adam Sandler to bad movies.


Laura Watkins – @OneHelluvaDame

Laura is one of the funniest people I know. Her tweets are often raunchy but good-natured. She usually talks about her tiresome jobs, peculiar boyfriends, and sweatpants.

anti joke apple – @antijokeapple

I’m pretty sure “anti joke apple” is a teenage boy who is trying to make money from a website by spamming Twitter with clickbait, but when he’s just cracking jokes it’s some of the funniest stuff out there.

Jenny Slate – @jennyslate

Best known for being fired from SNL, Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, and a really great film about abortion called Obvious Child, Jenny is prolific on Twitter. I think about half of her tweets are posted while high and therefore sometimes don’t make any sense but she reminds me of being silly with my sisters when I was a kid and that’s just good fun.

Nina Bargiel – @slackmistress

She’s a blogger, a TV writer, politically minded, and she can take it and dish it back. Don’t hold it against her that she writes some of the childrens television that you can’t stand to watch. She knows. She knows.

Medieval Reactions – @MedievalReacts

Take medieval paintings and apply modern lolz. Great concept, well executed. Made even more amusing by being written in UK English.

Kelly Oxford – @kellyoxford

Mom, author, cheekbones. I’m at the end of the list. Cut me some slack.


That’s it for now. Who do you follow? FOLLOW ME.