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Late last night while in the middle of yet another happy gaming session I heard a very loud pop that sounds like a firecracker. Looking around and sniffing didn’t produce any indication of the cause of the sound, so I continued on as normal. This morning I found my computer in a state of “wha?”. A few minutes later I figured out the source of the noise from the previous evening – blown capacitors on my video card. Only a year and 1/2 old, it’s a disappointment to say the least.

I contacted XFX, the makers of the 8600 GT video card in question, to ask for a replacement. It’s covered under their big-time “Double Lifetime Warranty”, but for all its double-ness they still make you pay for shipping and send the part back to them before they will send out a replacement. The “estimate” for the replacement is two weeks. Add to that the fact that XFX doesn’t offer an advanced replacement service, which most other manufactures do for a minimal fee, and you have one angry customer. This isn’t the first time an XFX card has failed after a short time, so I won’t be purchasing from XFX in the future.