How to redirect images in WordPress

By on Feb 20, 2012 in Blog Posts, Internet | 0 comments

Today I had the pleasure of having one of my websites slammed with traffic. Normally this would be a wonderful thing, filling me with the joy of a thousand nerds meeting Jeri Ryan in person. I quickly determined that I wasn’t getting the kind of traffic I wanted. Some wanker had directly linked to an animated GIF on my website EnjoyTheRandom.com from Reddit rather than linking to the post it was on. This is generally considered awesome by Redditors and heinous by webmasters. We spend a ton of time combing the interwebs for content, so the least you can do is ignore the rest of the site while you get a chuckle out of the free content we’re providing.Normally I’d just let it slide, but this was a nearly 2MB animated GIF and the site was burning through over 5GB of bandwidth per hour. Since a moderately popular post on Reddit can generate that kind of traffic for a day...