A Fellow Fedora Lover Beats Me To Supreme Nerdom

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Today my girlfriend shared this with me, which Cheezburger posted yesterday:Now, this is clearly hilarious but completely unfair to those of us with the style and grace to wear a fedora properly. Someone has gone and done an exact search in Google which means that the sentence “i love men that wear fedoras” did not currently exist on the Internet in that precise way.That is, until +Radu-Sebastian Amarie took matters into his own nerdy hands by creating a webpage with the phrase in the title and URL. Kudos, my man. Now there will be at least two results.

I want my Nexus 4!

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For the first time since I got my original Motorola Droid more than three years ago I was excited about a new Android phone. I had read enough about the Nexus 4 to feel like I already owned it, and like many other Android fanboys I stayed up late on the night of the 12th hoping it would go on sale after midnight. The precious. It didn’t, and it wasn’t on sale at 3AM either. Since Google wasn’t telling any of us when the webstore would allow purchasing I went to sleep and woke myself up around 10AM to check the site. Still not live, but by this time Google had told everyone it would go on sale at noon EST, 9AM PST. Great! I refreshed the page every few minutes while I worked and was surprised to find the device for sale at 11:30. I already knew from the overseas sales that it was going to sell out in a hurry, so I placed my order immediately and had the order...

SNL Heats Back Up After Three Disappointing Episodes

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The first episode of the season, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, gave me some hope that things were finally getting back on track. Then came three lackluster episodes in a row, hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Daniel Craig and Christina Applegate. None of which were terrible, just average at best.Then came last night and Bruno Mars and Tom Hanks. Except for the Brad Pitt bits, which seem like a weak replacement for the Digital Shorts, the rest of the show was firing on all cylinders. The best thing SNL can do is put Bill Hader into as much of the show without overusing him. His Stefon character is pure magic.

Good News: SNL Didn’t Suck Last Week

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Finally, after years of being subjected to the awful that is Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live has put forth a decent episode. There wasn’t a single weak sketch, and Seth MacFarlane was solid throughout, despite throwing in a few too many Family Guy voices.It’s about damned time, too. I really hope they are able to maintain this level of quality throughout the season. I know that I tend to beat up on SNL and especially Kristen Wiig, but I honestly think that her departure is the best thing that could have happened. The entire cast now gets more screen time and they are able to shine.Jay Pharoah is about a thousand times better at playing Barack Obama than Fred Armisen was. He gracefully handed over the role to Pharoah in the cold opening and the country finally got to see a proper Obama.I’m finally looking forward to SNL again.

Diablo 3 Account Hacked – Blizzard Blames Me

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I’ve been a huge fan of the Diablo series since the first installment and was happily installing my copy of Diablo III the day after launch. Because I had my copy shipped and started playing the day after the official launch I didn’t face the login nightmares that many others did. I was able to play right away and spent about 30 hours engrossed in the D3 universe over the next week.On the 24th I logged in to find that all of the items in my stash were gone, along with my gold. I didn’t notice it at the time, but I also had a new friend in my Social panel. I thought that there must have been some kind of glitch with an update that Blizzard applied. No problem; I’d just open a ticket and they could restore my lost items. So I opened a support ticket and waited.A day went by and I didn’t hear anything from Blizzard. I logged into my account again and...