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Emerging from the theater after watching Boyhood, I was in a daze. The nearly three hour journey was both mundane and inspiring. Watching the cast age over a 12 year period was interesting, but what’s really affecting are the vignettes of the uniquely human struggle that we’re all engaged in. A few dozen people and myself watched as a boy became a man, each of us smiling as we recognized events from our recent history and remembering what we were doing at that time. In one scene, a young Mason is forced to get his hair cut and when he shows up the next day at school the other children giggle at his dramatically different look. I was instantly a child again, with a knot in my stomach, and I just wanted to put my head down on a desk and go to sleep. Mason handled himself better than I would have; he simply carries on with his day. I don’t recall much of my own life...