NextScript’s Social Network Auto Poster: A Flawed Tool With Miserable Support

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SNAP: Sorry, No Auto Posting So let’s say you have a WordPress site with content that you’d like to automatically post to all of your social networks. There are plenty of plugins that will auto post to one or another of the networks, but few that will post to several at once. So far I’ve only found one that posts to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Google+ and that is NextScript’s Social Network Auto Poster (SNAP) Pro. The free version doesn’t include Google+ or a few other important features, which I’ll get to later. Right off the top: SNAP is not a “snap” to setup. It takes quite a bit of effort to connect all of your social media accounts and some testing to get them posting just as you’d like, but after a few hours of hard work you should be able to get your newly created content to auto-post as desired. I didn’t have...

I want to have friends

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Over the years I’ve found that instead of becoming more socially graceful and therefore accepted by the rest of humanity, the opposite has happened. I’ve blossomed into a misfit of the curmudgeon variety who, despite his best efforts, can not seem to create any deep friendships.In an effort to curb this trend with positive thoughts, I’m going to write something purely kind about each and every friend on my Facebook profile. This should be interesting and if it doesn’t work, I give up. Let the love commence:Adrianne Hairston – I like how you rarely go more than a minute in a conversation without a smile and know a little something about everything.Aja De Coudreaux – You have are one of the sexiest, more creative and interesting people I know.Alexandria Clayton – I’ve never seen you angry. I wish I had half of your positivity.Alisa Dunn...