Kristen Wiig is Ruining the Entire World

By on Oct 24, 2011 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

Since 2003 Kristen Wiig has been ruining America and to a greater extent, the world.This character is not funny.It’s been a fine how-do-you-do over these past six years. With her anniversary as a cast member on Saturday Night Live approaching in November we can all look back and, in hindsight, see that Kristen Wiig has brought more pain and suffering to the world than any single human being has in our entire recorded history.This may initially seem shocking, but the facts don’t lie. Since 2003 when Wiig was first seen on television in The Joe Schmo Show America has been involved in no less than four wars, simultaneously, costing millions of lives and over a trillion dollars. Rather than peace there is further unrest in the Middle East. We’re on the brink of war in Pakistan, and we’ve recently dispatched troops to Uganda. Coincidence?Only two...