I want my Nexus 4!

By on Nov 20, 2012 in Android, Blog Posts | 0 comments

For the first time since I got my original Motorola Droid more than three years ago I was excited about a new Android phone. I had read enough about the Nexus 4 to feel like I already owned it, and like many other Android fanboys I stayed up late on the night of the 12th hoping it would go on sale after midnight. The precious. It didn’t, and it wasn’t on sale at 3AM either. Since Google wasn’t telling any of us when the webstore would allow purchasing I went to sleep and woke myself up around 10AM to check the site. Still not live, but by this time Google had told everyone it would go on sale at noon EST, 9AM PST. Great! I refreshed the page every few minutes while I worked and was surprised to find the device for sale at 11:30. I already knew from the overseas sales that it was going to sell out in a hurry, so I placed my order immediately and had the order...