Stellar Phoenix Refuses to Honor Money Back Guarantee

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Recently a customer was having a problem with Outlook; their PST file had become corrupted. This happens from time to time, especially with larger Outlook files, and the first thing to try is Microsoft’s own scanpst repair utility. When that doesn’t work or causes other issues, one goes Googling for specialty applications. That’s how I found Stellar Phoenix and their Outlook PST Recovery utility. I ran the PST file through a scan with the trial version and it found quite a bit of data to recover – over 45,000 Emails – so I decided to purchase it. After the scan was complete I noticed that Emails were corrupted, with foreign characters and bizarre time stamps and headers. The real problem wasn’t the corrupted Emails, but the massive amount of missing data. The original 4.5GB file was reduced to under 4GB by the Stellar Phoenix recovery utility, as see...

How to Setup Your Company Exchange Server on a Windows 8 Phone

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I had a Windows Server SBS 2003 w/SP2 box with Exchange 2003 SP2 installed. The certificate on IIS was expired, but it pointed to servername.local. The internal domain name meant that I needed to use a dynamic DNS address for external access and also allow webserver/SSL ports through the company firewall. That part was easy, but the connection didn’t work.I was trying to connect a Windows 8 phone to the Exchange server, but it failed because the certificate name didn’t match. I was using a dynamic DNS address such as example.dyndns.org to attach to the server remotely. https://www.testexchangeconnectivity.com/ told me the problem lay in the certificate file.My problem: I wanted to set up the company IIS/Exchange server to allow the remote connection from a Windows 8 phone to the Exchange Server which wasn’t going to work with a mismatched SSL certificate.Turns...