New toys and Star Trek nerdiness

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The past few months have brought a few interesting, and of course nerdy, new toys into my life.In my ongoing search for the best wireless headset ever of all time, I’m now using the Logitech G930. After a few months of use I can safely say this is the best wireless headset I’ve ever used – and I’ve had quite a few. It has 8+ hours of battery life, works 10 feet further than most others at about 40ft of operating range, and comes equipped with the most comfortable ear cups I have experienced so far. They could still be a little more comfortable on my giant head, and there is no button on the headset to answer Skype calls. Other than that, these are truly gets cans.After reading about the resurgence of mechanical keyboards over the past year or two I finally decided to take a risk and purchased the Rosewill RK-9000. This cherry MX switch keyboard is affordable,...

Cyborg R.A.T. 7 Review

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After a few years with a pretty generic Logitech wireless mouse, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I wanted something sturdy, affordable and equally useful in gaming and daily computing tasks.I recalled a review I had read about the R.A.T. 7 Gaming Mouse by Cyborg. They proclaimed it “the best gaming mouse ever”, and although I wouldn’t go that far, the R.A.T. is a great mouse.I won’t go into how customizable it is, or how great the sensor is, or even how cool it looks – that’s all been covered better by others. I will simply say that after using it for two months I’ve been very pleased. The only problem I can see so far is that the sensor gets a little dirty since it’s somewhat recessed which leaves a small area for dust to gather.Go get one, or get the wireless R.A.T. 9.

Creative HS-1200 Wireless Gaming Headset Review

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After a few months with my Creative HS-1200’s I can easily declare them superior to any other headset I’ve tried. They are more comfortable, better sounding and include more features than the Logitech headsets I reviewed back in December, 2008. Other headsets are either much more expensive, lack comparable features, or are wired.The Hs-1200 cans hold a solid charge – at least five hours straight. It’s advertised for eight, but I don’t think I have ever gotten more than six. Kudos to the wireless dongle though, as it is more powerful than any other I’ve seen. Though again, I doubt the advertised 72 feet is possible unless you’re in an empty warehouse with line of sight to the dongle. In the real world I can go upstairs and into a few different rooms if the headset is fully charged. The longer you wear it, the weaker the signal will be at...

Logitech ClearChat PC Wireless vs Logitech ClearChat Pro USB

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In the never ending search for the perfect headset I have recently tried both of Logitech’s flagship products – the ClearChat Pro USB and ClearChat PC Wireless. I thought I’d share my thoughts.The ClearChat Pro USB is connected to the PC via USB and was introduced quite a while before the wireless version. Once connected, it sets itself as the default sound device and works instantly – no software to install. You may need to increase the recording level, but other than that you should be good to go right away. The headset is fairly comfortable and extended use was never a problem – I often used the headset for three or more hours without discomfort – something that other headsets can rarely match.The audio quality of the headset was not great. It’s pretty quiet and sounds a bit tinny. Forget about any significant bass. Still, it was better than...