Apple’s NEW iPhone – Remember the ROKR

By on Jan 12, 2007 in Blog Posts, Hardware | 1 comment

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I’ve owned a ROKR since it was released and disliked it since the very first day I had it. Its software is buggy, the MP3 “iPod” like player is slow and misses the wheel, and the phone is simply mediocre on every other level.

I find it sad that all of the media outlets are ignoring the fact that Apple pulled out the same dog and pony show a few years ago in September 2005 when they launched the ROKR with Motorola. All of the events were there – a big keynote by Steve Jobs with the Motorola CEO coming in (this time it was Cingular’s guy), a Cingular only party on the service front, and a phone no one was able to review until the consumers could actually buy it. The iPhone could very easily be as buggy and overpriced as the ROKR was – just be warned.