Where are my movies, Blockbuster?

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I have been using Blockbuster’s Total Access service for several years now. I pay $18.89 per month and can have up to three movies delivered at a time. In general I have enjoyed it – especially the option to swap movies received via the mail at any Blockbuster location – but over the past year I’ve noticed that more and more movies I have queued up are never arriving.Click on the picture to take a look at my queue as it was in late November 2008. Seven of those titles are still not available and are currently in my queue. One was removed because they don’t appear to offer it anymore. That means that only two of ten movies I asked for have made it to me in the past two and a half months.It seems to me that if you’re going to list these films on the site, then you should be able to deliver them in a reasonable time frame. Perhaps I’m just picking...

FilePlanet: Rip Off or Must Have?

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Lately I’ve been seriously questioning my FilePlanet subscription. It costs $59.95 per year to be a “Founders’ Club” member. FilePlanet used to be the site to download PC game betas and demos, but lately they have less exclusives than they used to and are even beginning to fall behind the rest of the Internet in posting patches and other updates. They routinely give glowing recommendations of new games without any hint of their bugs or other gameplay issues. Everything has gone from feeling “by gamers, for gamers” to “by IGN Inc., for profit”.I recently sent an E-Mail to “Ferret” at FilePlanet but and – not surprisingly – have received no response. Here is what I sent Ferret:6/4/08 Ferret: Lately I’ve been very displeased with my Fileplanet Subscription, and especially Founder’s Club. I just don’t...

The most frivolous Google ad, ever

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I sent myself a test E-Mail from a client to my Gmail account, which naturally simply said “text”. This triggered Google’s AdWords system to display an advertisement from a site called – wait for it – www.test.com. This site has created an ad, and is paying money for clicks for the keyword “test”. Amazing, ain’t it?

Mad props to my Grandma

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I knew my grandma played a lot of Yahoo! Gin, but I simply had no idea how much.Here are the astonishing statistics as of now:Games Played: 21668Wins: 11071Losses: 10597Games Abandoned: 39The most fascinating item to me is the amount of games abandoned. That is less than 1% folks (0.17% to be exact). What fortitude! What dedication!I know where I got my gaming chops from.

Vote for me!

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Maximum PC has put together a contest where the winner gets a shiny new computer. It’s a “megatasking” contest, i.e. doing as many things as you can in one minute. I put together a video and uploaded it to YouTube, but I need votes from my friends! I’m being sabotaged by my competitors who are giving me 1 star votes to keep me from making the finals (I have to be in the top five to make it).Click here to view the video!You have to have a YouTube account (free) to vote. Thanks for your time – I know I can count on my friends to put me on top!

Merchant Advertising Systems Comparison

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After launching my webstore (http://www.shopunitednetworks.com) I have spent considerable time promoting it through some of the popular search engines and comparison shopping sites. Here is a brief run down of the pros and cons of each:Shopping.comType: Comparative ShoppingClick-Through Rate: About 4.00%Average CPC: Manually set to $0.70Initial Investment Needed: $50.00Pros: Reaches a large targeted audience – the people who use Shopping.com are there to shop, not to search. This means a higher sales conversion. The site is full featured and includes decent support.Cons: Calling in for support is difficult as it can be hard to find someone to assist you. The site has a bit of a learning curve and is unlike most others. There is a 1-2 day delay after uploading your products before they appear on the site. Although my products appear correctly, many are tagged as “needing...