Where are my movies, Blockbuster?

By on Feb 11, 2009 in Blog Posts, Internet | 0 comments

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I have been using Blockbuster’s Total Access service for several years now. I pay $18.89 per month and can have up to three movies delivered at a time. In general I have enjoyed it – especially the option to swap movies received via the mail at any Blockbuster location – but over the past year I’ve noticed that more and more movies I have queued up are never arriving.

Click on the picture to take a look at my queue as it was in late November 2008. Seven of those titles are still not available and are currently in my queue. One was removed because they don’t appear to offer it anymore. That means that only two of ten movies I asked for have made it to me in the past two and a half months.

It seems to me that if you’re going to list these films on the site, then you should be able to deliver them in a reasonable time frame. Perhaps I’m just picking all of the wrong movies, but a 20% delivery rate doesn’t sound right to me.