Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach – Stress Test 2

By on Dec 19, 2005 in Blog Posts, Games | 0 comments

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Round Two! I am happy to report that DDO is even better the second time around. Many minor issues were resolved and the graphics have been improved. There were minor changes to some of the quests (I made it to Level 3, Rank 1), but all in all the experience was the same. I really like the addition of the Rank system, which I won’t discuss in detail due to the Non-Disclosure Agreement. The community is growing stronger and the magnificent developer support is still there. My only gripe – I have submitted a BETA application and participated in no less than three events designed to give players a chance to win a BETA account, yet I have never even seen a GM (Game Master – they came around and gave them out in the game). Boo-hoo.