Flyff (Fly for Fun) Review

By on Dec 27, 2005 in Blog Posts, Games | 0 comments

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OK, so Fly for Fun is probably the worst name ever for a MMORPG. Let’s go ahead and move past that. Flyff is an interesting entry into the growing list of MMORPG. What sets it apart is its price tag (it’s free) and the world the game is set it. For a free game there is a lot to do and see, but don’t be mistaken – there are many flaws and issues to be worked out. Like Dungeons & Dragons Online (see my previous previews) this game has a dedicated fan base and a good deal of support and communication from its developers via web and forum postings.

Many very strange things occur in Flyff. It snows for no apparent reason. Shouting can be heard by everyone, everywhere. There is no group window to see the stats on your “troupe” mates. The grammar and spelling are the worst I’ve ever seen in a game, ever. The are bugs in nearly every aspect of the game. Private player run stores are so prevalent that popular areas become difficult to navigate, due to the excess text on the screen.

The developers have chosen the cutesy anime/cartoon look and feel for the game which is tired and boring. The graphics are not bad, but they aren’t fantastic either. Sound effects are…interesting. The music heard fades in and out and is repetitive. Every time you engage in combat you here the same song. Lame.
Quests are simple enough to complete, but are impossible to do without outside help (i.e. the forums or another player). The NPCs (Non-Player Characters) give you almost no information on the quests they distribute. For example, a NPC might tell you to go find Rooney and ask him for a gift. They don’t tell you where Rooney is or how to ask for the gift once you find him. Luckily there is a section of the Flyff forum dedicated to quest assistance. The FAQ leads to a forum as does the Quick Guide. In-game help is better than some but not great. It covers the basics in broken English.

So why am I even playing it? It’s fun. It’s just good, clean, FREE fun. You can’t ask for everything when you’re not paying for it. Considering what’s out there I believe this to be one of the easier more beginner friendly MMORPGs, if you’re willing to spend time on the forums looking for quest assistance. It’s easy to pick up the feel of the game, and most of the initial quests are simply “go here, kill this, grab what it drops, and bring it back to me” deals. At level 15 you can choose a class and begin the real work.

Jump in and play, just be ready to wade through minor irritations. At times you will not be able to connect, or there will be extreme lag. Sometimes bugs prohibit you from accessing quests or completing them. Hang in there and have fun. The devs promise fixes soon.

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