Good News: SNL Didn’t Suck Last Week

By on Sep 22, 2012 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

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Finally, after years of being subjected to the awful that is Kristen Wiig, Saturday Night Live has put forth a decent episode. There wasn’t a single weak sketch, and Seth MacFarlane was solid throughout, despite throwing in a few too many Family Guy voices.

It’s about damned time, too. I really hope they are able to maintain this level of quality throughout the season. I know that I tend to beat up on SNL and especially Kristen Wiig, but I honestly think that her departure is the best thing that could have happened. The entire cast now gets more screen time and they are able to shine.

Jay Pharoah is about a thousand times better at playing Barack Obama than Fred Armisen was. He gracefully handed over the role to Pharoah in the cold opening and the country finally got to see a proper Obama.

I’m finally looking forward to SNL again.