How to add a shortcut on your Samsung Blackjack

By on Jun 14, 2008 in Blog Posts, Software | 0 comments

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Interested in adding a shortcut to an application on your Samsung Blackjack, but hitting brick walls with Windows Vista? Here is a step-by-step:

My phone: Samsung Blackjack (original)
OS: Vista Ultimate SP1
WM: Windows Mobile 6

1-First, create a connection between your phone and Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). Usually just a matter of making sure WMDC is running in Vista and connecting the USB cable to your phone.

2-Next you’ll need to unlock your phone. This is a multi-step process:
A-Download and install Device Security Manager PowerToy for Windows Mobile 5.0. Yes, it works with Windows Mobile 6. No, there isn’t a 6.0 version of the program – as of now.
B-Download and copy secpolicies.cab to your phone. After downloading, browse to your My Documents folder on your phone and copy the cab file there. Then, on your Blackjack, open Start>Applications>File Explorer and browse to My Documents if not already there. Then Select the secpolicies.cab file and install it.
C-If you run Device Security Manager Powertoy for Windows Mobile 5.0 now (it is listed in Start – Programs as “Security Configuration Manager”, you’ll see now you are using One Tier Prompt. Select Security Off and click Provision. It will install tool.cab to your device and then provision the settings.
(Step 2 is blatently copied from Cory E. Nielson’s blog – thanks for posting it Cory! I made a few adjustments and clarifications to the instructions.)

3-Install Total Commander for Windows Smartphone (TC) to your Blackjack from Vista. This will allow you to browse and manage files from your phone.

4-Run TC from your Blackjack, Start>Total Commander. Once TC is up, choose File>More>Find Files. Search for the file you want to link to. I wanted to create a shortcut to the Calculator program, so I search for “calc” without the quotes. This displayed a number of items, including Calculator.lnk, which I highlighted and then chose File>Copy. Then you can type in the folder, or just choose the Tree button and then browse to Windows/Start Menu and choose OK. Now you’ll have a Calculator shortcut in the Start menu!

I have to thank James for his Smartphone Tips and Techniques post which got me started, and with his help led me to the final solution as outlined above.

Shame on Microsoft for making it literally impossible to add a shortcut to the Start Menu in Windows Mobile! What could they have possibly been thinking?