I Don’t “Get” Dancing

By on Jul 24, 2014 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

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As I sit in the coffee shop, merrily sipping my tea and not doing any work, I spy with my bitter eye a young couple dancing.

Maybe there are coffee shops where reliving cotillion¬†is the norm, but this isn’t one of them. It’s a place where people pretend to be doing something important but really just watch other people and hope that someone attractive will pay attention to them.

Yet, for some incalculable reason, these youths have decided it would be a perfect place to practice dancing. What’s really interesting is how the rest of the customers are reacting. The men are completely ignoring them, despite the fact that they are so annoyingly conspicuous. The women will, from time to time, glance up and stare at them longingly, as if they wish they were the ones dancing.

That’s something I’ve never understood about women; they seem to actually¬†enjoy dancing. They will dance with others, alone, and even with just their feet while seated. They will dance with or without music, in front of mirrors and even in synchronicity in pools.

I know that some men like to dance so I shouldn’t generalize and say that women like to dance and men don’t, but come on. I don’t know many men who, if they are being honest, put dancing anywhere near the top of their “Fun Things To Do” list. I rate it somewhere between a colonoscopy and watching anime, and I really hate anime.