NextScript’s Social Network Auto Poster: A Flawed Tool With Miserable Support

By on Jan 14, 2014 in Blog Posts, Internet | 0 comments

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NextScripts Social Network Auto Poster for WordPress
SNAP: Sorry, No Auto Posting

So let’s say you have a WordPress site with content that you’d like to automatically post to all of your social networks. There are plenty of plugins that will auto post to one or another of the networks, but few that will post to several at once. So far I’ve only found one that posts to Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Google+ and that is¬†NextScript’s Social Network Auto Poster (SNAP) Pro. The free version doesn’t include Google+ or a few other important features, which I’ll get to later.

Right off the top: SNAP is not a “snap” to setup. It takes quite a bit of effort to connect all of your social media accounts and some testing to get them posting just as you’d like, but after a few hours of hard work you should be able to get your newly created content to auto-post as desired.

I didn’t have any serious issues with SNAP until I tried to use the auto-repost feature. This option allows you to re-post content that already exists on your WordPress site. That’s very useful for sites that have hundreds or thousands of posts which have never been sent to your social media networks and I was very excited to give it a try.

I ran through the configuration on a few of my social media networks and nothing happened. I didn’t even have errors in the log. I found the single piece of documentation they provide for the feature and made sure I had everything setup as they did. No dice. I opened a support ticket and continued to try different settings and troubleshoot. Eventually I determined that I had to create a manual CRON job in order to get the auto-reposting to work (as outlined here) and I had to comment out the wget line in my htaccess file that my security plugin had created, but that seems to have broken the plugins ability to auto-post newly created content. Nor does auto-reposting work for any network other than Facebook. Now I’m stuck with just being able to post new content or auto-repost to Facebook. A big piece of the functionality I’m paying for just isn’t working.

It’s been over six weeks since I opened my first ticket. Since then I’ve received no useful support whatsoever. At one point my support ticket was ignored for over a month. Here is a brief timeline:

I’m hoping that this post will get someone’s attention at Nextscripts and they will provide some support for their product. I’m not sure why they have been ignoring my requests, although I’m not alone. It seems like there should be a way to resolve this issue, since things are partially functional and I’ve made some progress on my own. I’ll update this post if I do, or do not,¬†hear back from Nextscripts.