Recent News & my Myspace.com Rant

By on Feb 27, 2006 in Blog Posts, Internet | 0 comments

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Well I have been very busy lately! I’ve been working on the new Ben Phelps Project website which is coming along nicely as well as other bands related items. Business and all other aspects of my life are going well and I have therefore not had a moment to breathe these past few weeks.

I hate myspace.com. It’s a horrid implementation of an idea that’s been around since the beginning of the Internet. Plagued by technical issues, one wonders how it has become so popular. Many times you can’t log in and I can honestly say I’ve never seen the site fully functional. E-Mails and other messages are delayed and IM’ing has simply never worked. It boggles the mind that the youth of the world would embrace such a clearly inadequate means of communication. At its best myspace.com is a glorified profile system, not unlike that used by Yahoo!, AOL, and MSN for years. In reality it is a sheer waste of time. Want to contact someone online? Use an IM program. Want to contact them less directly? E-Mail them. Need to post things about yourself to inflate your ego? Get a blog. Spend more than a few hours a week on myspace.com? Get a life.

That said, visit my myspace.com profile here : http://www.myspace.com/sc123a

Why do I have a profile? The Project. That’s why. I still hate myspace.com.