The Internet Has Created A New World

By on Mar 20, 2006 in Blog Posts, Internet | 1 comment

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I am addicted to being “connected”. Being online (or at least being no less than one hour from a web enabled location at all times) is now one of the most important things in my life. I never realized this until I lost my connection a few years ago. It was like watching a drug addict suffer withdrawal symptoms. I wandered from room to room lost in a world of emptiness – no news, E-Mail, online games, buddies, forums and chat rooms. I refreshed my browser to no avail. I reset my cable modem every 15 minutes. It was sad. I was sad.
Of course the connection was finally restored and so therefore was my link to the world. I was reminded my previous experience when I returned today after almost two days without accessing the Internet. I felt the need to get online deep within me when my computers were only yards away. It grew stronger as I entered my house until it overcame me and I galloped up the stairs to quell my hunger. For a few brief moments while I check the few “important” items the physical world exists merely to sustain my body while it reconnects with the virtual world. After checking a few accounts I lean back with a sigh and turn around to find my girlfriend staring at me with a sly grin. She knows, and I hope she understands.