The Nightmare That Was Empire Earth III Beta

By on Jul 25, 2007 in Blog Posts, Games | 0 comments

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Last Friday Fileplanet released the Empire Earth III Beta to subscribers. After downloading the 2.4 GB installation file and installing it I was met with a surprise. Sierra, the publishers of this “game” had implemented a system where, prior to actually being able to run the game, you must first download the executable from a website. When prospective gamers visited the site and entered their license key they were greeted with a database error telling them to try back in “some minutes”. After repeated attempts to retrieve the necessary executable from the website, the site locked me out and disabled my serial number. I reviewed the Beta forums to find that this was a common happening and that almost no one could actually play the game.

The Beta remained on the Fileplanet home page on Friday and through Saturday until it was finally removed on Sunday. Sierra has made no official comment, but someone who seems to be working for them posted in the Beta forum on Monday saying the problem should be resolved Tuesday (today). Low and behold it was, and I downloaded the exe file and began playing the game. What a relief, right?

Wrong. Empire Earth III is a terrible game. Dated graphics, weak sound, worthless AI and pitiful performance mar what I had high hopes for. Not to mention it crashed during game play. The horrid experience lasted all the way until un-installation (just a few hours after my first game), when the program crashed during removal.

Shame on Sierra for putting out such trash and for not having their eggs in a barrel before they did.