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By on Mar 3, 2006 in Blog Posts | 0 comments

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In the world we live in there are not many things left that can be described as “pure”. WFMU (wfmu.org) is one of those that still can. I first discovered WFMU over a year ago when a friend of mine turned me on to Seven Second Delay, one of their radio shows. Ever since I have been a supporter of the station. Do I like everything they play? No. Hell, I hardly like anything that they play, but I do not support WFMU because of the music the play, rather the principle they support. There is a phrase that they are very proud of at WFMU, and that is “Listener supported”. That’s a term we have all learned to associate with PBS, but even at its most honest PBS isn’t listener supported. While it may be true that they rely on our support for a small amount of their budget, I hardly think that if a few hundred of us didn’t pledge that PBS would suffer for it. WFMU however, is a different story. They not only rely on our support, they can’t exist without it. There are times when we do a thing because we like what they provide and then there are times when we support a cause because it stands for something larger than musical taste. If you can, please spare a few dollars for WFMU during their pledge drive. See below for their online pledge form and links:

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