What’s Up?!

By on May 17, 2006 in Blog Posts | 1 comment

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A lot for me! I’ve been a busy boy lately. Between business, the band and life in general I haven’t had a moment to stop. Things are going fairly well on all fronts. I recently bid adieu (again) to Andy who worked with me, as he is off to work for the local public schools (again). No more afternoon games of catch.

I have been busy with band items lately, such as building up the Myspace.com profile and having stickers printed. The stickers didn’t turn out well and it was one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with a printer. Myspace is coming along nicely, going from 434 friends to over 3,000 in a matter of weeks.

I recently had a birthday where I turned a year older bringing the total up to 24. Did I feel any older? No. Did my life change because of this additional number? No. Hopefully when I turn 25 my insurance will go down. When I’m a big boy (25) I can also rent a car. It’s insane that I can vote, drink, smoke, and own a house and my own car, but I can’t rent a hatchback for a day.

It won’t be long before all of the people I went to school with finish college. Many of them have already, but the rest will be done soon. I’m curious to see who returns home and who stays away. It will also be interesting to see what kinds of jobs those who return will find, as the area is in a stagnant state for white collar jobs.