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Work is endless. I’m playing with some new Linux systems and building a new print server for the High School. Both are time consuming and tiring. In the past three days I’ve worked over 30 hours on these two things alone. I hope the High School appreciates their printing later today…

I’ve been working a lot with Novell Linux Desktop 9. It’s really quite interesting. I think with time it may become my OS of choice, although it can never replace the pure functionality of Windows XP. I wish applications were more compatible with other platforms.

One of the cool things about NLD 9 is that you can use GNOME or KDE. Each has it’s own benifits, but I prefer the clean and more efficient GNOME so far. Anyone know a good place to find basic Linux bash commands? I need to get my feet wet.

What’s lame about NLD 9? It doesn’t make any progress towards greater compatibility with existing Novell offerings. There is no easy way to connect to GroupWise unless you install a BETA client that is missing key functionality. This client isn’t quite as user friendly or responsive as the Windows client. There is no Netware client to log into your existing servers with. You have to configure tricky LDAP settings or use ncpfs which is even more frustrating and backwards than the LDAP functionality. You’d think they could have at least incorporated a simple client in the OS. A simple search of the NLD documentation comes back with nary a response to “Netware”. GroupWise is hardly mentioned either, only referring to GroupWise Messenger. Where is Novell going with this? How long will it take them to get there? Will they actually make it work? Good questions. All without answers.