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Late last night while in the middle of yet another happy gaming session I heard a very loud pop that sounds like a firecracker. Looking around and sniffing didn’t produce any indication of the cause of the sound, so I continued on as normal. This morning I found my computer in a state of “wha?”. A few minutes later I figured out the source of the noise from the previous evening – blown capacitors on my video card. Only a year and 1/2 old, it’s a disappointment to say the least.I contacted XFX, the makers of the 8600 GT video card in question, to ask for a replacement. It’s covered under their big-time “Double Lifetime Warranty”, but for all its double-ness they still make you pay for shipping and send the part back to them before they will send out a replacement. The “estimate” for the replacement is two weeks. Add to that the...

How to Resolve Error 1310

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After months of spending a half hour here and a half hour there, I’ve finally resolved a problem that’s really been bugging me. I recently installed the beta of OpenOffice.org 3.0 and when I tried to uninstall it I kept getting “Error 1310 Error Writing to file C:Config.msi*.rbf” There didn’t seem to be any further troubleshooting information available, and I was having the same issue trying to remove some other programs. I tried a number of different things before finally coming across the easy, simple fix: rename the C:Config.msi folder. After I renamed Config.msi to Config.msi.old and restarted the uninstallation, everything worked normally.The files in Config.msi are roll back files, used by the Windows Installer. More details on what they do can be found here.

How to add a shortcut on your Samsung Blackjack

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Interested in adding a shortcut to an application on your Samsung Blackjack, but hitting brick walls with Windows Vista? Here is a step-by-step:My phone: Samsung Blackjack (original)OS: Vista Ultimate SP1WM: Windows Mobile 61-First, create a connection between your phone and Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). Usually just a matter of making sure WMDC is running in Vista and connecting the USB cable to your phone.2-Next you’ll need to unlock your phone. This is a multi-step process: A-Download and install Device Security Manager PowerToy for Windows Mobile 5.0. Yes, it works with Windows Mobile 6. No, there isn’t a 6.0 version of the program – as of now. B-Download and copy secpolicies.cab to your phone. After downloading, browse to your My Documents folder on your phone and copy the cab file there. Then, on your Blackjack, open Start>Applications>File Explorer and...

Vista and Remote Desktop Connection are Not Friends

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After much pain and suffering I’ve finally figured out why Windows Vista wouldn’t let me connect via Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) – dual monitors.I discovered this after hours of troubleshooting. At first when I tried to connect using RDP I would see the Welcome screen and then it would turn black. Some research pointed to Aero being the cause of this, but I had no way of disabling it remotely because I couldn’t access my computer! Then I remembered that I could use DameWare Mini Remote Control to remotely access my computer using the RDP protocol. Since DameWare uses the same protocol I still couldn’t control the computer, but after opening some ports on my firewall I was able to push the DameWare remote control client to the computer and use it to remote control the machine. Finally, I was able to disable Aero and try RDP again. I was able to see a...